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Once we receive this registration form, we will notify you. Please let us know if you do not get any email confirmation during the next 24 hrs after you register. For any questions or further assistance that you may need, please contact us at or call us at 809-368-4676.

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List number of events occurring whithin the las 18 months(please include exact dates and location), an 1 upcoming even which may occur in the next 12-18 monts (pelase include exact date[s] an location[s]). Please note these events must be outside the USA, preferably in the Caribbean region.
Please note that for the purpose of this qualifcation proces, Mexico can be considered as part of the Caribbean.
Have you been involved in MICE travel for the Dominican Republic before? If yes please give us some details of where an when in the space provided below.
Have you been a Hosted Buyer before? If yes please give some details of where and when in the space provided below.