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Terms and conditions DATE Hosted Buyer Mice Program 2017

Pre and Post Familiarization Trips
  • DATE 2017 will supply the Hosted Buyer with a roundtrip travel from designated point(s) of departure to Punta Cana or Santo Domingo International Airports.
  • Travel will be arranged on dates suitable for attendance at the show.
  • Please note that these arrangements are non-transferable.
  • The travel times will be allocated to ensure maximum time at DATE 2017.
  • Travel changes requested by the Hosted Buyer are subject to availability and cancellation of travel may incur a fee.
  • Any additional costs in reaching the agreed departure port will be the responsibility of the Hosted Buyer.
  • All travel provided by DATE 2017 shall be standard economy fare. No upgrades are available.
  • Travel change requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • DATE reserves the right to make charges for travel changes.
  • All travel changes are subject to a fee of USD 70.00 in addition to the cost to change the travel arrangements payable to the DATE 2017.The organizerswill notify the buyer the total costs to be incurred before proceeding with travel change.
  • All Travel change charges will bebilled to the credit card submitted at the point of registration.
  • Each Hosted Buyer who is arranging their own travel will provide their travel details to the DATE 2017 by 6 April 2017.
  • Travel must allow attendance at the show that completes the obligations with regards to Pre-Scheduled Appointments.
  • DATE 2017 will provide the Hosted Buyers with return transfers from Punta Cana/Santo Domingo International Airports to the venue and from the venue to their accommodation in Punta Cana as per the transportation schedule.
  • DATE 2017 will provide the Hosted Buyer with the offered number of nights’ accommodations in Punta Cana during the show.
  • This will be on a room at the all-inclusive program (where applicable).
  • DATE 2017 will not be responsible for extra room costs incurred during the stay. Any room upgrades will be solely at the discretion of the hotel management.

Complimentary Services

Hosted Buyers will receive from the Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic Inc. (ASONAHORES) complimentary:

  • Round-trip economy travel from selected ports (USA & EUROPE). Travel will be booked to/from the same port.
  • Room Accommodations (in all inclusive program), at DATE 2017’s official hotels for the nights of the Hosted Buyer Mice Program
  • Round-trip transfers from Punta Cana/Santo Domingo International Airports and from the hotel to Host Hotels
  • Entry to the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE 2017)
  • Pre-scheduled appointments with exhibitors of your choice.
  • Entry to all officialDATE 2017 and networking events.

Cancellation by the Hosted Buyer

  • Replacements: Accepted invitations to Hosted Buyers are non-transferable. In instances where a Hosted Buyer needs to cancel their participation prior to 03 April 2017 they may request that a colleague from their organization attends as a replacement on the condition that the replacement completes the application form and is accepted by the DATE 2017.
  • Cancellation of attendance: Whilst not encouraged, Hosted Buyers may cancel their attendance to DATE 2017with no penalty on or before 03 April 2017, unless a published flight has been booked in agreement with the Hosted Buyer.
  • If the Hosted Buyer cancels before 03 April 2017 and has agreed to the terms of a published flight, the cost of the flight will be charged.
  • Cancellations received after 03 April 2017 will incur a fee of USD 500.
  • Cancellations received after the 01May 2017 will incur a No Show fee of USD 600.
  • DATE will not reimburse flight costs for buyers who cancel their participation.
  • DATE cancellation fees apply to buyers being reimbursed by DATE.
  • All cancellations must be received by the DATE 2017 by email (mercadeo@asonahores.com) and must be acknowledged by the DATE 2017 to be effective.
  • Cancellation of attendance, no show fee and travel change fees shall be payable by the hosted buyer. DATE 2017 shall take payment of such fees from the hosted buyer’s credit card (details of which must be provided by the hosted buyer on registration). DATE 2017 will provide the hosted buyer with a receipt of such credit card charges for such fees.
  • The Hosted Buyer agrees that the above charges are a reasonable pre-estimate of the loss suffered by the Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic Inc. (ASONAHORES) in the event of the Hosted Buyer breaching these Terms and Conditions.

DATE 2017 takes no responsibility

  • The Hosted Buyer must obtain adequate travel insurance coverage for their stay and it is recommended in particular that Hosted Buyers take out adequate cancellation insurance for their baggage and medical insurance.
  • For any delay or loss of baggage or excess baggage charges - any subsequent dispute shall be directly between the Hosted Buyer and the airline.
  • For hotel expenses (excluding the cost of the hotel room only) which must be settled with the hotel prior to departure.
  • For Hosted Buyers (with travel) who miss their DATE’s flight/ travel arrangements
  • For flight/ travel cancellation or delay;
  • Any replacement travel arrangements and other costs incurred in relation to the above will be at the expense of the Hosted Buyer or airline, where appropriate.
  • If the Hosted Buyer is refused permission to board the aircraft or other mode of transport, or is refused entry to any Country
  • For the insolvency or failure of any airline company or hotel or ground handling company or other supplier;

Pre and Post Familiarization Trips

  • Pre and post Familiarization Trips are organized by the host destination.
  • Hosted Buyers are accepted by the host destination on the basis that they meet the criteria determined by the host destination.
  • Travel is co-ordinated by ASONAHORES and the host destination.
  • Accommodation is the sole responsibility of the host destination for the duration of the trip.
  • If you need to cancel your Hosted Buyer participation in a Pre or post Familiarization Trip (Fam) with DATE 2017 then you must inform us in writing by email to membresia@asonahores.com or mercadeo@asonahroes.com
  • Cancellations received prior to 03 April 2017 do not incur a fee, unless travel has been agreed and confirmed. If travel has been confirmed, the cost thereof will be charged to the Hosted Buyer.
  • Cancellations received after 03April 2017 may incur a fee from the host destination to cover costs incurred by them for travel and accommodation relating to the Fam Trip up to the date of cancellation and will be advised.
  • Additional costs for revised travel may also be incurred and will be payable to DATE’s

General - Hosted Buyers

  • Completion of an application form applying to become a Hosted Mice Buyer Program does not automatically guarantee a place.
  • Applicants will be notified by the ASONAHORES if their application is successful. Applicants must be over the age of 18.
  • Successful applicants will only be accepted as Hosted Buyers if they have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions and have ticked the relevant boxes on the online application form and have provided their credit card details.
  • All applicants are required to supply valid credit card details as part of the application
  • Persons accompanying the Hosted Buyer are not included in any offers regarding the Hosted Buyer Program

DATE 2017 - ASONAHORES, its agents, its employees, and its subcontractors shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting from acts or threats of war, hijack, terrorist activity, civil commotion, industrial disputes, fuel shortages, natural disasters or adverse weather conditions, strikes or lockouts intervention or regulation, military activity or any other circumstances outside the DATE 2017’s or its subcontractor’s control which shall make it impossible or inadvisable for the DATE 2017 to hold the Exhibition at the time and place provided or makes it impossible to get the Hosted Buyers to the Exhibition or to provide flights, hotels, transfer appointments, events or other services to Hosted Buyers. The DATE 2017 reserves the right to re-schedule the Exhibition at another date and/or at an alternative site.